• Get Cash for Used Appliances

  • Recycling Appliances in Tampa Bay is Good for The Environment and Your Wallet

    There will be some household items that you just can't fix--or don't want to pay to have fixed. Perhaps your appliances will simply cost too much to repair. What are you going to do with unwanted appliances when you decide to replace them? Consider the many creative ways of recycling before you send anything to the landfill, particularly your appliances.

    Get Cash for your Unwanted or Used Appliances while Helping the Environment in Tampa Bay

    Because recycling your appliances in Tampa is subject to local interpretation and budgets, you may find that recycling things and parts may be quite easy or relatively difficult depending on where you live. The best place to learn about recycling is to call Mr. Roger's Appliances and learn how you can get cash for your trash. If you live in Tampa Bay and are buying new or used appliances to replace your current washer, dryer, stove or refrigerator, first make an appointment with us before delivery of your new appliance. We will conveniently pick up your unwanted appliances so you can make room for the new and we will PAY YOU CASH ON THE SPOT. Mr. Roger's in Tampa will pay top dollar for your unwanted refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer while contributing to the "green initiative."

    Restaurant Equipment Recycling and Removal in Tampa Bay

    Commercial Kitchen Equipment Recycling - Removal and recycling of any type of "restaurant type" equipment and supplies including hospital cafes and restaurants, cafeterias, eateries and kitchen equipment recycling for government facilities including military base kitchen equipment removal. From Tampa bay supermarkets, grocery stores to gas stations, Mr. Rogers has an equipment removal and recycling solution for your Tampa bay business.