• Oven/Stove Repair

  • When your stove or oven stops working call Mr. Rogers Appliance Repair and we'll have you cooking in no time! Stoves have a life expectancy of around 16 years, so it is no surprise that periodic maintenance and repairs of your electric or gas stove or oven will be necessary.

    Gas Stoves and Ovens

    Worn out ignition wires in gas stoves can cause high voltage sparks and defective burner gas valves can be dangerous. If you are having issues with no flame control or if you're hearing ticking sounds in the range, then you should call us promptly for repair service.

    Electric Range Repair Service

    Electric ranges that are malfunctioning or not heating properly can be caused by a number of things such as defective burner receptacles or infinite switches. Mr. Rogers can quickly diagnose the problem you are having with your electric range, whether you have a cooktop or standard range.

    Electric Oven Repair

    There's nothing more frustrating then to find out that your oven isn't heating properly or won't heat at all. This usually happens right before you're putting your Thanksgiving turkey in the oven or when the boss is expected for dinner. Bake elements can burn out, function selector switches can go bad and ERC boards can malfunction. It's recommended that you have your oven inspected periodically to ensure proper heating. If your stove or oven is aging, and it needs to be repaired more often than not, then we'll help you to decide if it's the right time to buy another stove or oven.

    Range/Oven Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

    We provide range and oven cleaning services as part of our appliance preventative maintenance and repair service. Get more life out of your stove and oven by keeping them clean and maintained.

    Call Mr. Rogers Appliances of Tampa to schedule a service call to repair or do a maintenance check on your stove or oven. If your appliance in unable to be repaired, we have a showroom of beautiful used appliances to suit your needs and your budget.